Our mission is to develop, to build, to run photovoltaic power stations of different sizes, in order to give a significant propulsion to Italian and European development of renewable energy, and to contribute to the lowering of polluting emissions.


Over 10 MWp built with technical and financial partners.

In 2010 Flyren has started the construction of the first power station with 9,8 Mwp power in Fiumicino, run in partnership with Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, a Spanish company leader in the photovoltaic field. In 2011 it has started the construction in Piedmont of two power stations, each of 800 kWp, run in agreement with the local administrations, as a part of the “Energie Comuni” (“Common Energy”) project.

Over 70 MWp authorized.

During three years of activity Flyren group has been given authorizations for over 70 Mwp, well-distributed on power stations of different sizes: from a minimum of 200 kWp to a maximum of 37 Mwp. The power plants have been subjected to the procedures of environmental impact assessment, regional authorization, construction permit, following the law's prescription.

115 MWp of forthcoming authorization, mostly located in central and northern Italy.

The first months of 2011 show a pipeline rich of plants which are very close to the conclusion of their authorization process: 83Mwp in Latium, 30Mwp in central Italy (mostly in Veneto and Lombardy), approximately 4Mwp in Piedmont.

Flyren energy group

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