CPren develops an activity as Independent Power Producer, focusing on stations under 1 MWp.






A company created with the purpose of realizing and managing, on behalf of the group, photovoltaic plants under 1MWp.

Favouring the application of photovoltaic to various producing activities and to local administrations, in order to facilitate who wants to participate in the production of renewable energy for free.

Over 100 local administrations involved in the project “Common Energy”;

  • 2010: 5 MWp authorized in 8 municipalities.
  • 2011: 5 MWp of forthcoming authorization, distributed on 6 plants.
  • The first realization: 1,6 MWp in Piedmont.


CPren is the group's company specialized in the development and the management of plants under 1 MWp on behalf of Flyren

Its activity is divided into four strategical niches, to which correspond four plans.

The company's projects
Municipality Energy: ground-mounted PV systems in partnership with public administrations

CPren develops the “Municipality Energy” project, aiming to show how it is possible, thanks to private subjects' investments in the field of renewable energy, to guarantee environmental ...

Shelter Energy: photovoltaic shelters

CPren develops the “Shelter Energy” project in order to sustain and facilitate the optimization of industrial grounds that would normally be neglected, through the construction of shelters in parking areas.

Roof Energy: indoor photovoltaic plants

CPren develops the “Roof Energy” project to give new life to indoor establishments, both industrial and agricultural, such as warehouses and stables.

Flyren energy group

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