Envicons born in Turin in 2009 thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of young professionals with diversified experiences in the environmental sector, in order to provide technical and management assistance about environmental issues, sustainable development and renewable energy.





EnviCons offers strategical, technical and organizational consulting in environmental, forest and agronomic fields. It bases its activity on an innovative idea of environment and landscape, which are seen as essential elements of planning, in order to guarantee the respect and the protection of current and future sources.

EnviCons' team operates following the balance between development and environment, believing that progress should never be detrimental, and that at the same time it should not be blocked by the blindness of the ones who do not want to admit the need of a change. Innovation and nature can live together, and it is important to reconsider and plan the environment we live into, to seize every opportunity that modernity gives us to improve our life.

27,7 MWp under construction.
  • Over 70 MWp authorized.
  • 116 MWp of forthcoming authorization.
  • - Over 2.660 hectares under study (analysis of environmental bonds).


EnviCons operates, since 2009, mainly in the photovoltaic field, realizing various studies in the areas of authorization, landscape, environment and management.

EnviCons competences make possible the analysis and contextualization of every territorial work with the landscape around it in an useful, respectful way, understanding and respecting the beauty and the values of territory. EnviCons sustains the firms during the process of conception and realization of their works, using the environment as a planning element, increasing the value of resources, protecting the landscape and monitoring regularly the respect of the standards achieved..


Flyren energy group

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