Roof Energy: indoor photovoltaic plants

CPren develops the “Roof Energy” project to give new life to indoor establishments, both industrial and agricultural, such as warehouses and stables. These spaces can be just static shells, or they can become instruments of a profitable activity: renewable energy's production.

Thanks to the construction of photovoltaic arrays covering warehouses and stables, these spaces will become instruments of environmental protection, aiming to clean energy's production and polluting emissions' reduction. The entrepreneur who owns the structures will find a new source of revenue from an area which was unproductive before, and in the meantime, in partnership with CPren, he contributes to the lowering of  CO2.

"Roof Energy” : how it works

CPren selects indoor areas, which can be industrial or agricultural, suitable for the construction of photovoltaic arrays, and it builds it entirely at its own expense, managing every phase of the process, from the planning phase to the connection to the national power grid.

The establishment becomes then an instrument of environmental protection, thanks to the production of clean energy. It becomes also a new source of revenue; the incomes will be divided pro quota between the initiative's promoter and the structure's owner.

The array is planned in order to guarantee a nice visual impact, and it is equipped with a surveillance system that guarantees a better security of the area

Developed by CPren and SGP, connected, owned


MunicipalityMasio (AL)
Peak power989 kWp
Roof surface (sq.m.)Total roof surface: over 9.000 sq.m. Occupied by panels surface: 8.000 sq.m.
Authorized and developed bySGP srl
Committed byTrentasettesimasun srl (owned by SGP/Flyren energy group)
Built bySGP srl
Committed byTrentasettesimasun srl (owned by SGP/Flyren energy group)
Connection to the gridAugust 2012

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